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The Implementing Agreement on Enviromental, Safety, and
      Economic Aspects of Fusion Power(ESEFP IA)

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Task 3 Activation Products Source Term

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1 Scope

This task addresses the underlying mechanisms producing, and techniques for mitigating, mobilization of material in postulated fusion reactor accidents.  Specific issues of concern include: dust generation, transport, and release, dust explosibility, system development for dust detection and removal, oxidation-driven volatility of structural material, activated corrosion product transport, and chemical reactivity and hydrogen production.  Many of these items closely correlate to issues studied in Task 1.

2 Progress ( 2014 )

IPP/INL collaboration on ASDEX dust morphology, composition, and size distribution is completed. Final results summarized in comprehensive journal article (M. Balden, N. Endstrasser, P. W. Humrickhouse, V. Rohde, M. Rasinski, U. von Toussaint, S. Elgeti, R. Neu, and the ASDEX Upgrade Team, Collection strategy, inner morphology, and size distribution of dust particles in ASDEX Upgrade, Nuclear Fusion 54 (2014) 073010.)

3 Future Plane ( 2015 )

US: The task 3 coordinator has no work related to task 3 planned for FY2015.

4 Experts

3 C Activation Products Source Terms






Kaiming FENG


Christian Grisolia


Nobuyuki Asakura


Hyung Jin SHIM


Petr Romanov


Paul Humrickhouse


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