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The Implementing Agreement on Enviromental, Safety, and
      Economic Aspects of Fusion Power(ESEFP IA)

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Task 5 Failure Rate Database

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1 Scope

The fusion component failure rate database originated as an effort to collect and store the quantitative data needed to support probabilistic safety assessment of fusion facilities.  Over time this task has grown to include more aspects of the operating experiences of fusion facilities, such as reliability, availability, maintainability, inspectability (RAMI), and personnel safety.

2 Progress ( 2014 )

A task meeting was held in September 2014. Another task meeting is tentatively planned for 2016. The RAMI committee also plans to have a meeting.

The ITER team (both IO and DAs) continues to use component failure rate data for RAMI assessments that are part of the system design review process. The preliminary and final design reviews are expected to continue for several more years.

Mr. Cadwallader formed a subcommittee within Task 5 on May 1, 2014. This subcommittee is called the RAMI committee and it is chaired by Dr. Didier van Houtte. The ExCo Chair agreed to the name of the subcommittee.

Otherwise, data collection and analysis work is becoming more aimed toward RAMI support rather than the analysis of fusion systems like Dr. Pinna, Mr. Cadwallader, Dr. Izquierdo, etc., have performed in the past.

3 Future Plane ( 2015 )

This task will continue operating with its primary mission of data collection and analysis for fusion systems over the time period of the implementing agreement.  This task examines component failure rate data, repair time data, and other operating experience data.  The new RAMI committee complements the primary task by making use of these data for RAMI methods and approaches.

4 Experts

5 C Failure Rate Data Base






Yazhou LI


Tonio Pinna


Toshihiko Yamanishi


Gyunyoung HEO


Dimitrij Kurbatov


Lee Cadwallader


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